Flow Diagram: Planning for ISO 45001 Implementation




Path to ISO 45001 Certification


ISO 45001:2018?

We've done a lot of the thinking for you!

When planning to implement a new Occupational Health & Safety Management System (OHSMS), it's not easy to sequence the steps needed to get you from where you are starting to successfully achieving Certification to ISO 45001:2018.

Neither is it easy to ensure that every requirement of the Standard has been addressed.

With this Flow Diagram you can ...

  • Save a lot of time in planning your implementation of the ISO 45001 Standard - you have a readymade framework on which to build.
  • Ensure that there are no major omissions - you have actions to address ALL of the Standard's requirements
  • Present your Project to Management - so that they understand the complexity and resource requirements of the Project.
  • Overall, you will have a valuable tool to aid you in Initiating, Planning and Implementing your ISO 45001 OHSMS.
Best of Luck!

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