ISO 29990 for training companies - does it matter?

ISO 29990 Certn w NoYes, since August 2015 deGRANDSON Global has been Certified to ISO 29990:2010 by the internationally accredited Certification Body, BQAI.  And we're being thoroughly checked out annually to ensure compliance with requirements is maintained.  ISO 29990 specifies basic requirements for providers of learning services in non-formal education and training.


 Himself said:

“We’ve worked very hard for this while developing our Courses and our business.  I’m very proud of this achievement – it’s an internationally-recognised Certification that will benefit us and our Customers.  They will know that we are proficient and professional in designing, developing and delivering out expanding range of ISO Auditor Training Courses”.

(Himself is our Director, Dr John, in case you didn’t know)

And what’s involved, I hear you ask?

Our Management System is similar in structure, and in many requirements, to ISO 9001.  The list of contents from our Quality Manual gives the ‘big picture’…


3.1 Determining learning needs

3.1.1 General

3.1.2 Stakeholder needs

3.1.3 Learning content and process

3.2 Design of the learning services

3.2.1 Specification of the aims and scope of the learning services

3.2.2 Specification of means of supporting and monitoring the transfer of learning

3.2.3 Curriculum planning

3.3 Provision of learning services

3.3.1 Information and orientation

3.3.2 Ensuring availability and accessibility of learning resources

3.3.3 The learning environment

3.4 Monitoring the delivery of the learning services

3.5 Evaluation carried out by Learning Service Providers

3.5.1 Evaluation goals and scope

3.5.2 Evaluation of learning

3.5.3 Evaluation of the learning service


4.1 General management requirements

4.2 Strategy and business management

4.3 Management review

4.4 Preventive actions and corrective actions

4.5 Financial management and risk management

4.6 Human resources management

4.6.1 Competencies of deGRANDSON Global's staff and associates

4.6.2 Evaluation of Company competencies, performance management, and professional development

4.7 Communication management (internal/external)

4.8 Allocation of Resources

4.9 Internal Audits

4.10 Stakeholder feedback


Appendix 1: Business plan

Appendix 2: Auditor Certification Process

Appendix 3: Design & Development Process

Appendix 4: Learner Manual

If you’d like to know more, drop ‘Himself' a line at

What's in it for me?

As a Learner with deGRANDSON, our ISO 29990 Certification provides assurance that...

  1. Courses are designed and developed to a consistent rigorous standard and fulfill identified training needs,
  2. Course delivery is of a uniformly high standard,
  3. Course materials and learner support is provided throughout the duration of the course,
  4. Evaluation by examination is a thorough objective process, and
  5. Certification of Auditors is internationally recognized.


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Written by John FitzGerald

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