deGRANDSON's ISO 29990:2010 Certification: A Success Again

deGRANDSON's ISO 29990 Certificate (valid until 2021) confirmed by 2nd Surveillance Audit

We value this ISO 29990 Certification as it assures current and prospective Learners and their Sponsors of our professionalism and commitment to serve our Learners' needs.

Why Go for ISO 29990 Certification?

ISO 29990 Cert Iss 2

When ISO 29993:2017, Learning services outside formal education – Service requirements, was published ISO if this was a direct replacement for ISO 29990. 

We did not get a direct answer. 

Our concern then was that ISO 29990 was going to be withdrawn, meaning that we had better prepare for certification to the new Standard. 

The position was clarified in a Supplement to ISO Focus of April 2016 where it stated that TC 232 had confirmed ISO 29990 for a five-year period, i.e., it is valid up to 2021.

And so, the stated objective published by ISO remains in effect:

The objective of ISO 29990:2010 is to provide a generic model for quality professional practice and performance, and a common reference for learning service providers (LSPs) and their clients in the design, development and delivery of non-formal education, training and development.

The ISO 29993 Standard does not have specific requirements for Management Review or for Internal Audits and cannot be categorised as a Management Review Standard of the ISO 9001 family. It is not, therefore, conducive to independent third-party audit.  In fact, ISO 29993 is a Specification and not a Standard.

Our decision was to stick with ISO 29990 and go forward for re-registration with our Certification Body, BQAI.

Note: In 2021 it is our intention to seek certification to ISO 21001, Educational Organizational Management System, and incorporating the specification standards ISO 29993, Learning Services outside formal Education,  and ISO 29994, Learning Services - additional requirements for Distance Learning.

Why We Like ISO 29990:2010

The headings of Part 3, below, tell the story – all the processes from learning needs through evaluation, audit and review are included and all the interested parties are considered.

There is a move currently to withdraw the Standard; we sincerely hope it fails.

3 Learning services

3.1 Determining learning needs

3.1.1 General

3.1.2 Stakeholder needs

3.1.3 Learning content and process

3.2 Design of the learning services

3.2.1 Specification of the aims and scope of the learning services

3.2.2 Specification of means of supporting and monitoring the transfer of learning

3.2.3 Curriculum planning

3.3 Provision of learning services

3.3.1 Information and orientation

3.3.2 Ensuring availability and accessibility of learning resources

3.3.3 The learning environment

3.4 Monitoring the delivery of the learning servicesImplement ISO 45001 yourself

3.5 Evaluation carried out by Learning Service Providers

3.5.1 Evaluation goals and scope

3.5.2 Evaluation of learning

3.5.3 Evaluation of the learning service

If you'd like more information on our Certification, please visit Our ISO 29990 Certification.

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Note: Originally published in October 2019, revised and updated in September 2020.



Written by Dr John FitzGerald

Director & Founder of deGRANDSON Global. He spent 15 years in the manufacturing industry and 25 years training, consulting & auditing management systems

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