22 Jan 2020

[Launch] Integrated Management System Training now available Online

internal auditor, lead auditor, IMS

There are 2 IMS Courses - our first new Courses for 2020 An integrated management system (IMS) combines multiple management system standards to which an organization is certified. The management systems are developed, implemented, and maintained via one system with processes that cover each standard’s requirements.  A difficulty that often arises is that of finding qualified internal auditors to ...
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19 Sep 2019

Want combined ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 Training?

auditing skills, certified training company, EMS, internal auditor, iso 14001, iso 45001, e-learning, OHSMS, IMS

Integrated Management Systems (IMS) are popular nowadays but Internal Auditor training can be problematical. They make great sense from an Audit Programme Manager’s viewpoint but can cause difficulties for the Internal Auditor. Why? Because frequently internal auditors do now have sufficient knowledge of the differences in objectives and requirements of the individual Standards concerned.  The ...
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