21 Oct 2020

Correction vs. Corrective Actions vs. Preventive Actions

accreditation, ISO 19011, iso 9001, iso 14001, iso 17025, iso 45001, iso 13485, iso 27001, iso 50001, nonconformance, corrective action, noncompliance

These three expressions can cause confusion when it comes to addressing nonconformances/noncompliances with ISO Management System Standards. Some are unaware of their existence, thinking that corrective action is the only option. Others have Management System documents that frequently mention CAPAs even though Preventive Action is no longer a formal part of their system. It is unfortunate that ...
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28 Aug 2020

Is IAF Accreditation possible for all ISO Management System Standards?

accreditation, lead implementer, iso 9001, iso 14001, iso 45001, iso 13485, iso 27001

  Only a limited number of ISO Standards can have the IAF logo We’re all familiar with ISO 9001 Certificates carrying three logos, for example, the Certification Body logo (say, Lloyds Register), the Accreditation Body logo (say, UKAS) and the IAF logo. But the IAF logo doesn’t appear on every Certificate. Why is that? And is it significant?
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19 Jul 2020

ISO Auditor Competence – what is it and who decides?

accreditation, iso certification, certified training company, ISO 29990, e-learning, iso auditor

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14 Jul 2020

IAF CertSearch site launched - handle with care

accreditation, iso certification, iso 9001, iso 14001, iso 17025, iso 45001, iso 13485, iso 27001

The IAF have launched their website plus 5 Reasons not to trust it  
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30 Jun 2020

When is it Accreditation and when Certification?

accreditation, iso certification, certified training company, ISO 29990, e-learning

You've got the Certificate but are you certified to the ISO Standard or accredited to it? It may seem unimportant in the scheme of things but people, like potential customers, will judge you based on your correct use of technical and allied terms.
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11 Nov 2019

Getting the IAF Logo on your ISO 13485 Certificate

accreditation, MDMS, iso 13485

The European Cooperation for Accreditation (EA), an association of 30 national accreditation bodies in Europe, has completed the administrative requirements of the IAF (International Accreditation Forum) necessary for the extension of their IAF multilateral recognition arrangement (MLA) to include ISO 13485.  This omission has in the past, for example, been a barrier for European medical device ...
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