24 Reasons to use e-Training for ISO Auditor Training

e-Learning Group-1 If you’re responsible for Learning & Development, you can reduce time, costs and your stress levels through e-Training

And if you're an individual seeking Certified ISO Auditor Training the same reasons apply - essentially you can train when you want, where you want and on any device.


We refer to our offerings as e-Training, and not e-learning.  The term 'e-learning' is associated with short-duration presentations without any reinforcement of the instruction given and no formal testing to confirm that adequate learning has taken place.  

e-Training is comprehensive, with instruction, instant feedback, FAQs, quizzes, practice scenarios, and examinations.

Unlike many of our competitors who provide training in standards only, our auditor courses have three modules: 1) Auditing Skills, 2) Knowledge of the Standard and 3) Practice with Scenarios

We offer more than 40 ISO Auditor Courses to suit all needs

e-Training - the complete learning package...



How you Benefit

1 Self-paced learning
  • Fit courses around busy schedules
  • Complete the course as time allows
  • Study anywhere/anytime there’s internet access – at work, at home and while travelling (with Wi-fi)
2 Inexpensive
  • A fraction of conventional course cost
  • No travel and accommodation expenses
  • No extra costs for Examinations or issue of Certificates - our prices are all inclusive and that also includes Course Materials
3 Use in Training Room environment
  • In any training room with internet access you can enjoy the benefits of a disciplined approach – set a schedule to ensure learners devote uninterrupted, quality time to their auditor training.
  • All the Learners need do is bring their Laptops.
4 Certification (individuals)
  • In job transition? Differentiate yourself in a competitive job market.
  • Get immediate results in terms of job promotions, higher salaries, and new job opportunities
  • Invest in your career/expertise and demand ‘top dollar’.
  • Earn a promotion.
  • Achieve increased proficiency.
  • Demonstrate professional and personal accomplishment.
5 Certification (employers)
  • Start getting real benefits from Internal Auditing including improvement suggestions.
  • Employees perfect and share new techniques and emerging technologies with their peers.
  • Certification is an investment in the organization’s future quality operations.
  • Knowledgeable employees assure product and service quality.
  • Certified employees indicate organizational excellence.
6 Certification (Certification Bodies)
  • Objective evidence of aptitude, expertise and skills of candidate auditors
  • Compliance with the requirements of ISO 17021.
  • Just add auditing experience to demonstrate full competence
  • Avoid unnecessary training costs
7 Cloud Product – platform independent
  • Accessible worldwide on the internet
  • Platform independent – any Windows, Linux or Apple OS on any PC Workstation or other desktop, notebook, tablet or other handheld device with access to the internet - can access all features.
8 Scalable Certification
  • Extend the Grade (Internal Auditor to Lead Auditor) and/or Scope (for example, add ISO 13485, ISO 27001 Standards) as and when you need them
9 Refresher Courses
  • Not been practicing you auditing skills lately?  Then take a reduced-cost Extension Course to hone your knowledge and skills again.
10 Re-certification Courses
  • As and when new versions of the Standards covered by your Scope are published, we will offer you an upgrade Course and, upon successful completion, an Auditor Certificate against the new Standard.
11 The Scenarios
  • Dozens of scenarios allows you to participate in ‘real’ audits.
  • Experienced auditors will tell you that it is only by practicing your audit skills that you really understand how to interpret and apply the Standard’s requirements.
  • And here these audit experiences are, built into your Course.
12 No software installation needed
  • You can log into your course on any internet browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.).  And so anytime, anywhere when you have some quiet time, you can use your PC, Notebook, Tablet or similar device to continue your e-learning course.
13 Courses published in HTML format with full resume feature
  • During a Lesson you can switch from one device to another.  Say, you start a Lesson on your PC at work.  You can continue the Lesson, from where you stopped, on a tablet device on the bus or train home and then finish it on your Notebook after dinner.
14 30 plus Lessons per Course
  • Minimizes download size for speedier service even with poor broadband speeds
15 Pay through PayPal
  • All financial transactions through PayPal – credit and debit cards as well as PayPal accounts – for total security.  Only the PayPal service knows your financial details.
16 Experiential learning
  • Adults learn best by experiencing and understanding the significance of what they are learning.  This is the approach we use for all our Courses.
17 Multi-layered Four-tier approach
18 Plenty of practical exercises
  • With many Scenarios and opportunities to generate findings and professionally write non-conformance/ non-compliance, you get practical experience in the application of the skills and knowledge you have acquired.
19 On Facebook and LinkedIn
20 Courses delivered through established LMS service
  • We use an award-winning LMS service to deliver our courses for un-interrupted availability worldwide and a glitch-free service.
21 e-Learning is now mature
  • Recognising the difficulty that early users of e-learning courses encountered our courses, like those of all good e-learning offerings, have structure and content to a very high standard and are professionally presented.
22 Delivery at a time and place of your choosing
  • Our courses can be delivered in a formal training environment or can be taken as a self-study course as and when time and other resources allow.
23 No examination charges
  • All of our courses incorporate certification examinations. There is no additional charge involved.
24 No examination deadlines
  • You don’t have to wait for fixed examination dates
  • Take the exams at the end of each course module.
  • Get your Certificate immediately upon successful completion – No Waiting!


Be a Certified Internal Auditor

Note: This is an updated version of a Post first published in January 2016.

Written by Dr John FitzGerald

Director & Founder of deGRANDSON Global. He spent 15 years in the manufacturing industry and 25 years training, consulting & auditing management systems

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