ISO Auditor Certification: boosts your job prospects

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What will get you noticed?  And help ensure that you will be the one selected when a new opportunity arises at work? What will differentiate you from others come promotion time?

One of the answers to these headline questions is having an ISO Auditor Certification.  Whether it was obtained because an employer asked you to take the training, or it was an achievement you sought out and paid for yourself (easy with online auditor training), you will benefit. 

Here are six benefits of ISO Auditor Certification:

Whether your objective is to take lead auditor training, internal auditor training or lead implementer training, the benefits are the same.

Direct Benefits of ISO Auditor Training

1. Auditing Skills are soundly based on ISO 19011 -- the auditing standard

Done badly (e.g. ticking boxes on a checklist), audits are at best a bore, at worst a waste of time. 

The trained Auditor will effectively identify instances of system failure (non-compliances), but will also identify best practice (for others to emulate), as well as identifying opportunities for improvement. With good auditing practice, your management system audits can be hugely beneficial to the organization and boost your personally satisfaction. Yes, and for real, 'you know your worth it'.

2. Gain knowledge of ISO 9001 or other management system standards

Understanding the Standard and its purpose, you will better understand how and where its benefits can be exploited by your organization (e.g. the link between Quality Objectives and improvement projects and Management Reviews).

Indirect Benefits of ISO Auditor Training

3. Give you knowledge and understanding of the businessWhat is Certified Auditor Training

While carrying out internal audits, you’ll meet many colleagues, and consider the work that they do and the things that you are otherwise unlikely to encounter in your daily work.  You will then have the opportunity to:

4. Lets you quickly understand the organization, its culture, and the interaction between operating units and/or functional groupings

If your job restricts you to a small team or a limited physical area, how else will you ever get to know the business?

5. Lets you gain an understanding of the processes, and the matching procedures and methods, used by the business.

You will build up a knowledge of why the organization is structured as it is and how it operates accordingly. When you speak at a meeting, or make a presentation, you will be reflecting this knowledge, all the better to get yourself noticed and to improve your promotion potential.

6. Gain an understanding of the interaction between the differing processes, functions and personalities within the business

In most mistakes, breakdowns in communication and failures of the system to work will occur at the interface between processes.  With an understanding of these interactions, you will be well placed to propose changes to avoid mistakes and to suggest highly-beneficial improvements.

7. Lets you interact with senior management team members and ‘showcase’ your abilities

If they don’t know you, they’re unlikely to promote you.  Interviewing senior management is part of internal auditing.  And while it is unlikely that you will be asked to do so immediately upon undertaking internal audits, the opportunity will arise.  Audit interviews are a two-way communication and senior managers will get the chance to judge you and your capabilities.

8. Lets you interact with staff at all levels and in many functions within the business

You will have read or been told it many times: people are an organization’s greatest asset.   Be a Certified Internal Auditor

To be a significant part of that asset you’re going to have to communicate regularly with those people and to truly become a team member.

Auditing is a great way to make new friends as well as getting to know your colleagues.  Your social life can only benefit.

Should you get ISO Auditor Training?

Take a moment to consider each of the benefits above.  Can you exploit at interview time this knowledge and understanding of the business, and the personal relationships you’ve built throughout the organization? 

I’ll bet you can. And then there’s the confidence you’ll have when talking about the industry to potential employers – the confidence that comes from knowing what the hell you’re talking about! No small advantage that.

Overall, your ISO Auditor Certification will create many opportunities for your to ‘shine’. You can easily and affordably secure that Certification with ISO Auditor Online Training.  Isn’t it time you did something about it?

Note: First published in August 2017; updated February 2021.

Written by Dr John FitzGerald

Director & Founder of deGRANDSON Global. He spent 15 years in the manufacturing industry and 25 years training, consulting & auditing management systems

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