Online ISO Auditor Training with deGRANDSON: A 4-tier Method

Team of auditors undergoing ISO auditor training

When taking one of deGRANDSON'S e-learning courses, you will find that we take a four-tier approach built one upon another. 

In the design and development of our online auditor training courses, we researched extensively the strengths and weaknesses of e-Learning and took cognizance of the modern understanding of Adult Education.

Whether internal auditor or lead auditor training was involved, we set out to produce attractive and engaging courses suited to the adult learner. Definitely not the traditional classroom, instructor-led approach - instead of an approach where knowledge and skills are built up, layer upon layer, almost without the Learner being consciously aware of the process.

deGRANDSON'S Four-Tier Approach to Online ISO Auditor Training

The image below illustrates the approach that deGRANDSON uses when facilitating online ISO auditor training. 

Infographic showing deGRANDSON's four-tier approach to online ISO auditor training

Tier 1: the Lesson

Here you are provided with the facts, processes and procedures included in the lesson.

Tier 2: FAQs-frequently asked questions

In this Tier you will find many 'what-if' questions, to reinforce what you have learned by exploring its practical application.

Tier 3: the Quiz

This Tier further deepens your knowledge of the lesson by posing a series of questions to challenge your understanding of its content.

Tier 4: Scenarios

In this final tier, you will learn to apply the skills and knowledge you gained in the preceding three tiers.  The many short-and long-term scenarios presented are unique to e-learning with deGRANDSON Global and help bridge the void between theory learned in a classroom-like situation and the practice, and challenge, of face-to-face auditing.

The Foundation of our Success

This simple approach - with consistently applied reinforcement while interest is maintained - is the foundation of the success and enjoyment our Learners have obtained with our Courses.

With our ISO Auditor Certification Courses, Learners set our with confidence built on sound knowledge and skills to become competent auditors and of great value to their organizations.

Need ISO Auditor Training?

Advantages of deGRANDSON'S ISO eTraining Model

Essentially speaking, deGRANDSON Global's courses are courses divided into modules that are further divided into lessons.

To give you a better idea of what makes deGRANDSON's eTraining courses different, here's what you'll get when you enrol in any of them.

  • Learner-centred Content:  Courses structured to engage and maintain Learner interest.  e-Training focused on modern methods of adult education.  And not just a set of videos - the dreaded Talking Heads!
  • Full Audio Narration: every screen is narrated to reinforce, and add detail to, the information presented.
  • Closed Captions (optional): the on-screen display of the full audio narration.
  • Many Visual Aids: flowcharts and diagrams to enhance and inform the visual experience.
  • Easy-to-follow Course Structure:  Each Course is delivered in three modules – Module 1: Auditing Skills, Module 2: Knowledge of the Standard & Module 3: Scenarios.  The modules are divided into a number of Lessons each of 15 – 20-minute average duration.
  • Course Materials (including terms and definitions):  Each Course has its own series of support documents, flowcharts, diagrams etc. which can be printed or saved to your own device for referencing later or for easy searching.
  • Documentation Toolkit: Comprehensive toolkits are included, at no extra charge, with all Lead Implementer Courses in addition to step-by-step Implementation Handbooks.
  • Frequently Asked Questions:  at the end of each lesson are the answers to frequently asked questions so that learners may benefit from the experience of other learners.
  • Quizzes:  to complete each lesson there is a quiz to enable the learner to check the extent and depth of their learning. If incorrect or inadequate answers are given, automatic remediation takes the learner back to the areas of difficulty. The option to repeat the lesson is also available.
  • Online Examinations at no extra cost:  at the conclusion of each of the three modules (sets of lessons) an online examination of 40 to 60 min is given.
  • Certificates Available Online: on successful completion of all three module examinations, there is the immediate online availability of the auditor’s Course Certificate and at no extra charge.
  • Full Bookmarking:  learners can leave a lesson at any time and subsequently resume where they left off whether on a different day, a different location or a different device. The learner is provided with a true 24/7 learning experience – any place, any time, any device.


Free ISO Lesson Sample

Experience deGRANDSON's e-Training Methods for yourself. All who Log-in to our Course Delivery site can try this revised Lesson for free. It has been updated to:

  • reflect the changes in Standards in the past five years and
  • the improvements we have introduced into our e-Training methods.

It will be of interest to:

  • Those seeking help in identifying what ISO Auditor Course they should select for themselves.
  • Those wishing to experience our e-Training methods.
  • HR Managers, Quality Managers and others wondering if e-Training is a viable alternative to conventional training.

See Free Sample Lesson


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deGRANDSON Global is an ISO Certified Educational Organization

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We have chosen ISO 21001 certification because, unlike IRCA and Exemplar badges (which in our opinion are commercially compromised), it is based on independent third-party assessment.  It is a ‘university grade’ standard in use globally by schools, colleges, and universities to demonstrate their competence.


Written by Dr John FitzGerald

Director & Founder of deGRANDSON Global. Spent 15 years in the manufacturing industry and 25 years training, consulting & auditing management systems

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