Six ISO Auditor Training problems solved

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Whether you are trying to organise a Course for colleagues, or just for yourself, there are six problems regularly encountered by those organising training in auditing against the requirements of ISO management Standards – ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, etc.  We believe we have the solution.

1.       Availability

The problem: Public courses are difficult to find, especially if you need training in a standard other than ISO 9001.  Courses are run infrequently, probably at distant locations and often cancelled at the last moment due to a lack of numbers.  Very frustrating. Our SolutionStart today - our on-line Courses are available 24/7.  There’s no technical reason why a Learner couldn’t start a Course today.  And enrolment takes two minutes.

2.       Course Structure and ScopeBe a Certified Internal Auditor

The problemWith Auditor Courses this can be hit-and-miss.  Often Courses are limited to knowledge of the Standard alone, though this isn’t always obvious.  This is in no way adequate.  It’s like teaching a child to play tennis by getting them to study the rules alone.  They would know nothing about the different strokes, positioning of players on the court, tactics at doubles, etc. Our SolutionComplete Courses – all our Courses include…

  • Knowledge of the Standard,
  • Auditing Skills (to ISO 19011 requirements),
  • Quizzes and FAQs with each Lesson,
  • Scenarios with dialogue and other exercises to apply the knowledge and skills learned, and,
  • Certification Examinations.


3.      Course Content and adult learning

The problem: Many courses, both conventional and on-line, just overload the Learner with facts and then provide a Course Manual to ‘paper over the cracks’.  Very little learning takes place.  This is a particular problem for the on-line Learner where there is no human interaction with a tutor.  Email and messaging support helps but doesn’t address the boredom. Our Solution:  We have a better solution.  It is in the application of knowledge and skills that most learning takes place and where most satisfaction arises.  This is all part of our Experiential Learning approach to training adults. So, a Module devoted to Scenarios and other exercises is a major part of every Course where the Learner will see the Standards in action, that action being based on real audit situations. In addition we have peppered our Lessons with FAQs to expand on the meaning and interpretation of the clauses of the Standard and of auditing generally. Interest is maintained throughout designing Lessons to include instruction, guides to interpretation, quizzes and FAQs.

4.      Course Delivery

The problem:  Many on-line courses are limited to delivery on PCs with a Windows operating system.  If you want or need to use different devices or operating systems, you can’t. Our SolutionOur Courses are fully scaleable – will work on Windows, Mac and a variety of Linux operating. And you’re limited on devices – you can use PCs, Notebooks, i-Pad and a variety of hand-held devices.  With our Lesson Resume feature, you can begin a Lesson on one device and complete it later on a different device, even one with a different operating system. Course delivery in your own Training Room is recommended. Not every Learner in well-motivated or disciplined when it comes to e-learning.  One solution is to run our Courses for a small group on the PCs in your Training Room (modest internet speed will suffice).  Schedule the sessions, make attendance mandatory and reinforce and support the learning by using an in-house expert (quality manager or training manager) to mentor the group. Got your own LMS? Our Courses can be integrated and delivered over most LMS.

See what e-Learning with deGRANDSON has to offer

5.      Progressive Training

The problemA Learner needs to extend the scope of their auditor training.  Say, they have already successfully completed an ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Course and need to extend the Scope to include ISO 14001.  Conventionally, the only option is to complete another 5-day Course! Our Solution:  With our modular system of course delivery, you can save time and money.  The Learner would only need to complete 2 of 4 modules to be certified, namely, the module covering the new Standard and the Scenarios module.

6.      Location & Cost

The problem: Conventional course being hard to find, travel and accommodation costs are often significant.  If you are located far from a major town or city, budget constraints may force you to reduce the numbers trained and/or the  variety of training given.   Our Solution:  Savings of up to 60% are possible versus conventional auditor training courses. Visit the Courses pages and see for yourself.  Get additional savings with Corporate Discounts.

Note:  This post is an update of an article first published in 2016.

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Written by Dr John FitzGerald

Director and founder of deGRANDSON Global. After 15 years in manufacturing industry John has spent the past 25 years training, consulting and auditing ISO 9001 and other management systems. 'Our objective is to be a world-class provider of e-training using the best proven technology so to satisfy and, hopefully, delight all of our Learners. Great commercial success and professional esteem will surely follow.' Full profile:
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