21 Oct 2020

Correction vs. Corrective Actions vs. Preventive Actions

accreditation, ISO 19011, iso 9001, iso 14001, iso 17025, iso 45001, iso 13485, iso 27001, iso 50001, nonconformance, corrective action, noncompliance

These three expressions can cause confusion when it comes to addressing nonconformances/noncompliances with ISO Management System Standards. Some are unaware of their existence, thinking that corrective action is the only option. Others have Management System documents that frequently mention CAPAs even though Preventive Action is no longer a formal part of their system. It is unfortunate that ...
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15 Oct 2020

Beginners Guide: FDA Regulations for Medical Devices & IVDs

MDMS, iso 13485

So, where is the newcomer to FDA regulations and guidelines to begin? There are a mesmerising series of FDA Guidelines regarding the manufacture, import and/or distribution of Medical Devices (incl. in vitro Devices - IVDs) on the US Market. And nowadays there also seems to be a continuous stream of new and draft guidelines being published. So, where is the newcomer to FDA regulation and ...
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14 Oct 2020

Enjoy 24/7 Tutor Support with all our Courses

internal auditor, ISO 29990, lead auditor, lead implementer, e-learning

  Access to Experts free-of-charge - you're never on your own! We want our Learners to succeed.  We want you to be the best ISO management system auditor you can be. Consequently, We are now providing 24/7 Learner Support to all our Learners. That’s right; without charge, All our Learners now have access to our team of expert ISO Management System Auditors.  And this applies to all of our online ...
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13 Oct 2020

ISO 27009: 2016 Sector-specific application of ISO 27001

internal auditor, ISMS, lead auditor, lead implementer, iso 27001

    Of benefit to developers of sector-specific guidelines to the application of ISO 27001 Daily stories in the media confirm that there is no organization, no matter how big or small, nor what sector it works in, that isn't susceptible to cyber security breaches. with phishing attacks leading to ransom demands at an all time high.  All information is valuable both to your own organization and to ...
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13 Oct 2020

If you manage a QMS, don't take a Lead Auditor Course!

auditing skills, certified training company, EMS, ISMS, lead auditor, lead implementer, MDMS, QMS, iso 9001, iso 14001, iso 45001, e-learning, iso 13485, iso 27001, OHSMS

You’re thinking, "But this is what Management Representatives have been doing for decades. Why shouldn't I take a lead auditor course?"
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07 Oct 2020

10 reasons why Learning and Development Managers like deGRANDSON

auditing skills, certified training company, internal auditor, lead auditor, lead implementer, iso 9001, iso 14001, iso 22000, iso 17025, iso 45001, e-learning, iso 13485, iso 27001

Not just because we're nice people (and we are) but because of the real problems our Courses solve. When you need to arrange training for prospective internal auditors, lead implementer-auditors or lead auditors for your management systems, we have the answer.
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07 Oct 2020

[Infographic] 33 Steps to ISO 9001 Certification

certified training company, lead auditor, lead implementer, QMS, transition training, iso 9001

A valuable aid to your developing a viable QMS Project Plan - to aid you start on time, finish on time and leave nothing vital out. The ISO 9001 2015 Implementation Model developed by deGRANDSON Global The 33 Steps to ISO 9001:2015 Implementation is the model we have developed for implementing a quality management system (QMS) to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and to securing accredited ...
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27 Sep 2020

Information Security Standards other than ISO 27001

internal auditor, ISMS, risk management, iso 27001

Many data security standards other than ISO 27001 remain in common use
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23 Sep 2020

[Infographic] The ISO Certification Process Explained

iso certification, certified training company, lead implementer, iso 9001, iso 14001, iso 22000, iso 45001, iso 13485, iso 27001

  We're often asked about it and, even though we're not a Certification Body - our business is e-training - here's the process for securing Certification for your ISO 9001 or other Management System To obtain an ISO Certificate for your organization you will need to engage the services of a Certification Body and go through an ISO Certification Process. Our infographic will take you through that ...
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18 Sep 2020

Risk Based Thinking & ISO 9001:2015 - What’s all the excitement about?

QMS, risk management, iso 9001

'There’s nothing new under the sun' – so goes the old saying, and it applies as much to risk and the management of risk as to anything else. When you crossed the road on your way to work this morning you were, even though it was not being done consciously, managing risk.  That is, the risk of being knocked down. Indeed we are managing risk all the time, whether it is…
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